God is part of the lesson plan
by Rima Jessamine M. Granali
Daily Inquirer (March 7, 2011)

Before eating his peanut butter sandwhich, four-year-old Lucas Badajos said a little prayer.

"Lord, please help Silver feel better. Lord, please protect her and keep her from getting sick," he prayed for a classmate who had just been brought to the clinic.

Badajos is a Nursery 3 student of Leaders International Christian School (LICS) in Taguig City.

Prayer is an integral part of LICS education. Badajos was the prayer leader when the Inquirer visited. He first prayed for a classmate to "become good and smart" before praying for Silver, who has autism.

Eligh Yu, academic head and owner of the school, said, "We focus on lessons from the Bible" and their application, not on religious traditions.

Her husband Steven Ivan Yu, LICS chair, said the school aimed to produce Christian leaders with integrity.

Silver's mother said her daughter found it difficult to socialize but they had seen improvements since she entered LICS. "We were so happy when we saw her participating (in school activities)", she said. Int he "Leaders Wanna Be" program, Silver, dressed as a chef, sang with her classmates. Silver has a shadow teacher, who accompanies her to class and assists other teachers in handling her special needs.

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