Steven said LICS accepted all kinds of students, regardless of background or religion.

Despite the name, Eligh said LICS was a nonsectarian school and not all students were Christians. "We just teach the right values," she said.

The classroom walls, worksheets, textbooks and storybooks all carry Bible verses.

Kathleen Robles, N3 teacher, said, "God is part of the lesson plan," Lessons from the Bible are integrated into classroom activities and lectures.

Every week, pupils have to memorize a Bible verse that starts with the letter chosen for the week.

For instance, when the letter of the week was M, the children recited every day of the week Proverbs 23:26, "My son gives me thane heart." The verse was also posted on the wall.

Eligh said, "Knowing is not enough; you have to do it." The teachers also taught pupils ways to apply the Bible verse by acting it in class or through photographs, she added. A picture of a person assisting someone was meant to show the meaning of the verse John 13:34, "Love one another."

Robles said she asked her students to hug each other to show love. Saying "I love you," hugging and kissing were usual at LICS, she added.

LICS uses a more personal approach. Faculty members, as well as administrators, know every pupil's name and personality.

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