1. Completed Application Form
2. Completed Medical form
3. NSO copy of Birth Certificate (original and photocopy)
4. Two 2"x2" recent colored ID pictures with white background
5. Two 2"x2" recent colored ID pictures of parents/guardian and representatives
6. Copy of Applicant's passport page showing date of birth (for non-Filipino Citizens)
7. Copy of Alien Certificate of Residence (ACR) / Immigration records (for non-Filipino
8. Copy of Father's and/or Mother's or Guardian's passports (for non-Filipino Citizens)
9. Copy of current (or latest) report card / Grades
10. Endorsement letter from the homeroom teacher, guidance councelor, or principal of
    the applicant's previous school
11. Special needs report (if any)
12. School Uniform Order Form (official uniforms are mandatory)
13. School Service Vehicle Sign-up Form (if applicable)
14. Payments for the following in the form of Post Dated Checks:
    a. Initial payment (less the reservation fee)
    b. Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-annual payments
    c. Payment for books
    d. Payment for uniforms according to number of sets ordered
    e. Payment for school service (if applicable)

II. Reservation and Refund:

A. Successful  student  applicants  will  be  given  ten  working days to place the
    non-refundable  and  non-tranferable  reservation fee. The  ten-day  working
    period shall begin as soon as the applicant's parents or guardian are notified.

B. Failure   to   place   the   reservation  within  the  said  period  will  forfeit the
    applicant's slot.

C. Leaders   International   Christian   School   shall   provide a complete refund
    (minus the time attended) to students who withdraw from  the School within
    one week of beginning classes for a valid reason.

D. Leaders International Christian School  does  not  provide  refunds or credits
    for short holidays or for periods of students' illness.

*Note: Complete Application Guide and Other Forms may be downloaded here.